NovaTech Automation Process Analytics

PUBLISHED ON Feb 19, 2014

Let’s face it, we’d all like to have a better understanding of our enterprise and where we’re losing potential profits. In today’s economic environment, we’re all challenged to produce more with less. Therefore, the ability to measure, analyze, and constantly improve plant performance is critical to the success of any organization.

Research shows that most modern manufacturing plants run far below optimal levels with respect to Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and that small and consistent improvement over time can produce significant results with respect to profit realization.

NovaTech Automation is proud to offer its new Process Analytics solution to help you achieve more optimal enterprise performance. As part of our 8 step process to help customers achieve operational excellence through automation, Process Analytics is designed to deliver the information and tools required to perform detailed asset efficiency analysis and comprehensive root-cause analysis. The solution provides a broad view of your enterprise and the ability to drill down to analyze assets such as plants, areas, production lines, or equipment. Information is easily delivered to operators, managers or executives on PC’s, tablets, or smartphones at any location.

Process Analytics displays are easily integrated into NovaTech Automation’s new ProcessVision console. This gives operations staff quick access to important business KPI’s and real time performance against respective business targets. This raises business awareness, drives better decisions, and results in positive behavior modification over time.

The solution is relatively inexpensive, is easily implemented, and can payback quickly with modest improvements in plant efficiency.

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NovaTech Automation Process Analytics – Area View
Dallas Downtime Summary
NovaTech Automation Process Analytics – Root Cause Analysis