Virtual Ethanol Plant Attracts Interest from Big Corn

PUBLISHED ON Sep 13, 2005

KANSAS CITY, MO – Big Oil has competition. Subsidies in President Bush’s Energy Policy Act of 2005 will give a boost to the nascent ethanol industry, and new offerings from NovaTech Automation have been created to aid this growing market sector. The Virtual Ethanol Plant (VEP) is a pre-configured D/3® Distributed Control System (DCS) customized for any size ethanol plant. The system features more than 50 customizable graphics and is adaptable to a variety of feedstocks.

The VEP is also seeing use as a training simulator in academic environments. A complete D/3® system in operation at Minnesota West Community and Technical College allows students to connect remotely to online dynamic plant simulations controlled by instructors.

The Energy Management Solution (EMS) also received positive feedback at the Fuel Ethanol Expo, particularly the intuitive presentation of net energy costs in EMS dashboards. As the Ethanol industry continues to develop, NovaTech Automation will strive to develop new solutions to aid this and other alternative fuel technologies.