New Support Website for Wavewin® Bitronics

PUBLISHED ON Dec 05, 2008

The distributed event recording capabilities of the Bitronics 70 Series IEDs are best realized with advanced event visualization tools. NovaTech Automation is proud to partner with Philadelphiabased SoftStuf to bring you the Wavewin Bitronics software and its recently launched support website.
Wavewin allows engineers to visualize substation events by merging and appending Comtrade files obtained from multiple event-recording substation IEDs, including the Bitronics 70 Series. Wavewin Bitronics Pro contains additional functionality to evaluate event files and provide fault characteristics for the monitored line.
Another application program from Bitronics (WinDR) can scan all 70 Series IEDs on an electrical network, determine the relative association of these event files between IEDs, and automatically
merge these file into a composite or “virtual recording” file for Wavewin. Wavewin can be then be used to analyze the composite file as if one IED made the recording.
You can evaluate, purchase, and upgrade your Wavewin Bitronics online at