Strong Sales for NovaTech Automation 8000 Series I/O

PUBLISHED ON Dec 11, 2007

Since the first orders shipped in 2005, over 15,000 NovaTech Automation 8000 Series I/O modules have been delivered and are operational in plants around the world.

Product Marketing Director Leo Charpentier notes, “the 8000 Series I/O is a high quality, state-of-the-art, DCS I/O family. It addresses our customers’ needs for new installations and provides a plug compatible retrofit solution for the 16000 Series I/O using replacement field termination panels. With the 8000 I/O, NovaTech Automation is adding new and exciting functionality, such as the 1 to 6 redundancy solution, which is unique to D/3®, HART® capable modules, and intrinsically safe I/O for hazardous environments.”

The success of the 8000 I/O is also the result of a well-managed alliance with MTL Instruments Group. “MTL and NovaTech Automation share a commitment to open architectures and high standards, says Vince Horvath, Director of Corporate Programs. “The integration of this advanced I/O hardware into the D/3 system has been well-managed through the strong efforts of engineers in both organizations.”