Spares and Repairs Helps to Ensure Continuous D/3 Migration Path

PUBLISHED ON Nov 27, 2006

NovaTech Automation will never obsolete a customer’s D/3® DCS asset.

This simple promise means peace-of-mind to NovaTech Automation customers, and fulfilling it requires the art and science of our Spares and Repairs Department.

“With hundreds of installed systems worldwide, we get a wide variety of requests for help. Some of these systems date back to the 80’s and it’s sometimes a challenge to find the parts to fix them, but we usually find a way,” says Frank Schaeffer, Director of Hardware Operations.

An average month sees approximately 35 shipments of new replacement or repaired parts to our customer base. “Recently we’ve received quite a number of parts being returned through our Repairs business that are from our competitors,” Schaeffer notes, “our customers are finding that staying with the original certified and system-tested products their systems perform as well as, or better, than originally shipped. This should certainly offset the couple of dollars they may have saved on their previous repair from someone else and assures a smoother transition for future product enhancements.”

Jim Lane, who is the primary customer contact, follows each repair from the customer’s request for help to seeing the shipment leave the dock and ultimately “cure the pain.” Lane adds, “It’s tricky work to locate a replacement for an obsolete board or power supply or a proprietary chassis that hasn’t been made in 20 years, but we have a great batting average.”