New Preconfigured Logic Routines for Orion

PUBLISHED ON Sep 10, 2007

The new LogicPak option enables users to quickly implement commonly used logic schemes without having to create custom scripts in the Logic Module. Two commonly-used logic routines are included in the first release of LogicPak:

1) The OR function enables a change of state of any number of points to be summed into a single new point. Example: If either IED #1 is in Comm Fail or IED #2 is in Comm fail or IED #3 is in Comm Fail, then make a new point called “IED failure true”. The user picks the points which may change state from a pick list and defines the name of the new point.

2) The Primary/Secondary IED function which enables points from the secondary IED to be presented to SCADA if points from the Primary IED are not available. This is accomplished by defining a set of new logical points which are assigned the values from the Primary IED unless it goes into Comm Fail; then the logical points are assigned values from the Secondary IED. SCADA, or any other Master, reads the logical points and does not see any difference when the switch from Primary or Secondary IEDs occurs. The user defines the new logical points and selects Primary and Secondary IED points from pick lists. LogicPak requires new .dll and .ocx files which can be purchased for $250 without the standard Orion Logic Module, or for $150 when purchased in combination with the standard Orion Logic Module.