OrionLX Webpage Security & Appearance Customization Tools

PUBLISHED ON Dec 21, 2010

Customizable Navigation and User-Specific Access

The new configuration options allow changes to navigation and user-specific access and visibility rights.

Significant new tools are now available for users to customize the appearance and security level of OrionLX webpages.  Complete details on the new features are contained in the new OrionLX User Manual, available in the NCD “Docs” directory.

Customizable Navigation
The global navigation (aka “Link Bar”) of a given Orion can be modified to reorder or remove default tabs, and to create new tabs for fast access to frequently visited pages.

Tiered Access and Visibility
Visible links and login mechanisms can be specified for different users and groups.  For example, a request from a specific IP can bypass user verification, or certain pages can be made inaccessible to certain users. If no rules or parameters are defined for a given section, the default settings for each parameter will be used.