New OrionLX Features for Substation Alarm and Event Reporting

PUBLISHED ON Sep 24, 2009

New OrionLX Features for Substation Alarm and Event Reporting

The new Alarm/Archive/Retentive Module on the OrionLX, along with the new Alias function, can be combined to create flexible alarm reports and sequence of event reports.

Any IED point retrieved or controlled by Orion, or generated in Orion Logic, can be selected for alarming and time-stamped archival in the Orion SQL database.

For alarm reporting, the user defines the “1” and “0” messages for binary alarms as well as the optional HI, HIHI, LO and LOLO alarm messages for analog alarms. The Retentive function prevents nuisance alarms that can occur during power cycling. Time-stamped events retrieved by Orion, using both DNP3 and FastSER, are archived on timed intervals or when they change.

The standard Orion Alias function enables any point in the Orion database to be assigned an alternate name – an alias – to simplify interpretation of alarm and event reports.

Orion Alarm Reports and 1ms Archive Reports are annunciated on pre-formatted webpages accessible from any browser. Data windowing, sorting by group, trending and acknowledgement are all supported.