OrionLX Debuts at IEEE Exposition

PUBLISHED ON Jun 04, 2008

New Automation Platform features advanced cyber-security, more power and expanded diagnostics

At the April IEEE Conference and Exposition in Chicago, NovaTech Automation rolled out a major utility product: the OrionLX. The OrionLX builds on the success of the Orion5 and Orion5r by offering advanced cyber-security features, more power for larger applications and expanded diagnostics.

Orion LX: Q&A

What is an OrionLX?
The OrionLX is the next generation of the Orion product family.

Why was the OrionLX produced?
The OrionLX was produced to meet requirements in more critical substation automation applications, particularly in electric transmission substations, including: expanded electronic cyber-security, power supply redundancy, connection to larger numbers of IEDs, support of larger point databases, faster logic processing, expanded diagnostics, and modern techniques to access data.

What are the major new hardware and software features?

  • Wide-range 48 -125VDC power supply
  • Redundant power supply option with diagnostics
  • Higher (about 6X) speed CPU
  • Optional field-retrofittable Ethernet Fiber Optic Port
  • Option for expanded memory
  • More diagnostic LEDs
  • USB ports


  • Comprehensive electronic cyber-security features
  • Can be configured to meet latest NERC CIP requirements
  • Power to handle four to five times more devices and points than the Orion5r
  • Open-Source SQL-compliant relational database
  • Email option for alarms and SEL® event records
  • Expanded Ethernet diagnostics
  • “Point Aliasing” (giving points another name)
  • “Cascaded Orion” option to simplify integration of multiple Orions
  • New web-based online operations

The OrionLX has been designed to meet UL and CE requirements without modification or added components.

Are the physical specs for the OrionLX the same as the Orion5r?
All dimensions of the OrionLX remain the same as those of the Orion5r. All serial communication cards remain the same. All wiring connections remain the same. The OrionLX adds USB ports, built-in IRIG-B, one built-in Ethernet 10/100BaseT port, optional 100BaseFX or 10/100BaseT port, and a redundant power supply option.

Will I still be able to buy the existing Orion5r or will the OrionLX replace it?
The Orion5r will continue to be for sale with existing features and options.

Will existing Orion5rs be upgradable to an OrionLX?
Since the OrionLX includes modifications to the basic Orion5r metal box, plus a new CPU and operating system, upgrade to the OrionLX will be done only by replacing the entire box, although the serial communication cards can be moved from the Orion5r to the OrionLX.
In early 2009, we will offer a CPU and operating system upgrade option for the Orion5r. The upgraded CPU and operating system will support the same security features as the OrionLX, plus expanded capacities. An Orion5r with this upgrade will be referred to as an Orion5r+. More on this later.

Will my existing Orion5r configuration run in the new OrionLX?
That is the goal, although customers may run their configuration through an editing utility to highlight a few areas that must be configured differently. For example, for security reasons, the user name, password and Ethernet address will not be in the configuration.

When can I get one!?
In July and August we will conduct an OrionLX Beta Test Program with selected clients, followed by phases of production release. Please contact your NovaTech Automation Account Manager if you are interested in being a Beta Test participant. By the end of 2008, we plan for all phases to be complete.