Orion in Process Applicaton

PUBLISHED ON Nov 27, 2006

The combination of Orion and D/3® is enabling operators at a fuel processing facility in the southeast to reduce costs and improve process control.

One of the processes requires high-precision moisture and resistance data points from GE Series 3 Moisture Monitors” and Keithley 6517A Electrometer/High Resistance Meters. Traditionally, these data were accessed manually and entered manually into the D/3 control system. Concerned about high labor costs and entry errors, plant engineers contacted NovaTech Automation to determine if Orion could automatically retrieve the data serially from the available ports on the instruments, and present to the D/3 using an available protocol.

Using instrument manuals provided by the user, engineers in Lenexa, KS developed protocol drivers on two Orions to enable multiple data points to be serially retrieved from the GE and Keithley instruments. The only interface to the instruments now is an RS232 cable, yet multiple points can be obtained from each instrument and forwarded to the D/3 for control, display, alarming and archival. The D/3 speaks Modbus over Ethernet to the Orions.