Orion Connects to Eight IEDs at Technical Symposium

PUBLISHED ON Jun 23, 2009

Peak Measure Event Demonstrates Ease and Versatility of Configuration

The recent Northwest Substation Automation & Utility Symposium, hosted by NovaTech Automation sales representative Peak Measure, included
an interoperability demonstration by NovaTech Automation and six other automation vendors.

Demonstrated automation functions included:
• Orion IRIG-B and NTP interface to Arbiter Systems precision timing products
• Orion DNP3 integration with Areva protective relays and Morgan Scha ffer dissolved gas transformer monitors
• Dynamic Ratings transformer monitors and Bitronics® 70 Series Disturbance Recorders over Ethernet connections
• Orion integration with Orion DDIO Remote I/O, distributing IRIG-B and supporting dual comms
• Orion monitoring and diagnostics of all connections and communications
• Orion WEBserver Alarm Annunciation web page for all IEDs
• Telemetric interface to Bitronics 70 Series IEDs
• Garrettcom Magnum switches and routers connecting seven Ethernet IEDs in a secure fiber optic ring

The symposium also included four application presentations by local users (Pacificorp, PGE, Clark County PUD and Cochran Marine) detailing application of the above vendor automation products, and roundtable discussions on Cyber Security and Ethernet in Substations.
According to John Bruns of Peak Measure, “The fifty plus utility people attending our 2009 symposium will have the opportunity to work with eight best-in-class automation products, all interconnected and exchanging data as they would in a working substation. They heard from three local utilities and a local engineering company on how these products are performing in local applications. Based upon the high turn-out and level of interest, Peak Measure plans to make this an annual event.”