Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) Project Leverages Relay Integration Functions of Orion

PUBLISHED ON Jun 06, 2006

NovaTech Automation is continuing its successful relationship with Omaha Public Power District through the planned delivery of three additional Substation Automation Systems in 2006, building on the five systems delivered since its selection by OPPD in 2003.

Each system includes multiple Orion5r units, NovaView Plus HMI for local control and indication, remote IED access, and automated collection of event and fault records to an enterprise-wide data warehouse.

In a typical substation, the Orions coordinate the following tasks:

Smart RTU: obtaining metering and discrete data from protective relays.

Communications with two SCADA Masters using three different protocols (DNP3.0, Conitel and L&G8979).

IRIG-B synchronization with relays.