NovaTech Automation Wellness Fairs Stress Awareness and Prevention

PUBLISHED ON Aug 21, 2006

Recently a series of Health and Wellness Seminars were held at NovaTech Automation offices providing employees with several simple and effective health habits, including massage and acupuncture sessions as an introduction to alternative therapies.

“Often, simply being aware of an issue is enough to start improving it,” said Marah Rendulic, NovaTech Automation HR Coordinator (and certified yoga instructor). “We brought screening services for blood pressure, cholesterol, vision, and other factors into our offices to make it more convenient than going to the doctor’s. The massages were a bit of a bribe, but they worked. People seem to have learned a lot and had a relaxing time too.”

Adds NovaTech Automation HR Director, Connie Gibson, “Thanks to excellent support from Executive and Management support, we had nearly 100% employee participation.”