NovaTech Automation and Control Station Form Partnership

PUBLISHED ON Mar 16, 2009

PID Tuning Solution dubbed D/3® Loop Optimizer

NovaTech Automation is pleased to announce the formation of a strategic partnership with Control Station, Inc.  Through our partnership, Control Station will introduce a high performance and fully integrated PID tuning solution to users of NovaTech Automation’s D/3® Distributed Control System.  The product will enhance the performance of D/3 systems with Control Station’s patent-pending modeling and tuning technologies. Control Station is a recognized leader in PID diagnostic and optimization solutions.  Their award-winning technologies are used by leading process companies globally.  Control Station also supports the training and skills development needs of nearly 150 colleges and universities worldwide.

Named “D/3® Loop Optimizer”, the software will allow users to engage in the most effective and efficient PID optimization available.  This innovative technology offers practitioners significant improvement over other PID tuning products.  D/3 Loop Optimizer includes seamless integration with D/3 installations and a unique ability to accurately model and tune both transitional and noisy process data.  The product fully leverages Control Station’s patent-pending Non-Steady-State (NSS) Modeling Innovation.

D/3 Loop Optimizer is tightly integrated into D/3 Console software.  While viewing a “Single Loop” or “Loop Maintenance” display, the user will simply click on the D/3 Optimizer menu item.  The system will automatically launch D/3 Loop Optimizer and begin collecting tuning data for the appropriate D/3 EPN.

The software automatically creates a highly accurate mathematical model of loop dynamics based on the collected data. Users may then tune the loop using an intuitive user interface.  Users can apply conservative through aggressive tuning parameters using a simple slider bar tool.

The software provides graphical representation of loop performance and stability based on the selected tuning constants.  Users can easily perform “what if” experiments to optimize loop performance to fit their needs.  End-users will see improvement in profitability in the form of increased lifespan of plant equipment, improved product quality, and reduced energy consumption.  D/3 Loop Optimizer software will run on any D/3 Console (Version 12.0 and newer) and will be offered to all customers in April of 2009. D/3 Loop Optimizer will be offered to NovaTech Automation D/3 customers on a separate installation CD.  The CD will contain an installation kit for use on any D/3 Console, DCM, or CDCM.  The CD will also include a temporary DEMO license that will allow a user to try the product on their system.

NovaTech Automation will be offering Node (single computer), and Floating (multiple computer) and Temporary Startup licenses for the D/3 Loop Optimizer product.  Please contact your NovaTech Automation Sales representative for pricing and availability of the D/3 Loop Optimizer product.