NovaTech Automation attends the 2007 Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition

PUBLISHED ON Feb 29, 2008

NovaTech Automation is pleased to share with you an article posted in the Taiwan newspaper, “Economic Daily News” describing our participation at the 2007 Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition.

Here is the article translated into English:

Advanced Control & Systems Inc. Focuses on the Control System for Alternative Fuel

Advanced Control & Systems Inc. (ACS) attended the Forum, The Utilization of Alternative Fuel for Reducing Energy Costs & Energy Management, held in the 2007 Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition, and Mr. Andrew Blumenthal, the General Manager of NovaTech Automation Europe BVBA was invited to make an address.

Mr. Chase Liu, the manager of ACS, said that the D/3® DCS (Distributed Control System) of NovaTech Automation Process Solutions has been widely applied in many of the bioethanol plants in the U.S. Around 30% of the bioethanol plants apply NovaTech Automation’s D/3 DCS for their control system. ACS is the sole agent and system integrator in Taiwan. This forum included interactive discussion and the participants included engineers from FPG (Formosa Plastics Group) and Foxconn Technology Group, etc.