Making Beer … Better?!

PUBLISHED ON Mar 09, 2007

NovaTech Automation and Miller: Recent Projects

by Bob Ard, Staff Applications Engineer

This past year and into 2007, NovaTech Automation worked closely with Miller Brewing and their design-build contractors to provide several turn-key automation solutions resulting in lower production costs and better tasting beer.

Several projects involved the replacement of swing-pipe panels with banks of mix-proof matrix valves, eliminating the need for manual hookups and improving process efficiency.

We worked closely with Westfalia engineers to install some of the largest centrifuges ever used in the brewing industry for the purpose of separating spent yeast from the fermented beer. Each of these new centrifuges replaced several smaller ones and resulted in lower production costs and better yeast separation.

We also partnered with Briggs of Burton to install new, highly efficient wort boilers on their brew kettles. These new wort boilers provide tighter control and greater consistency from brew to brew.

Every one of these projects was a team effort where Miller Brewing provided overall project management and NovaTech Automation supplied the automation expertise and application software.