Large Substation Automation Application Uses Five Orions

PUBLISHED ON Apr 15, 2007

OMAHA, NE – Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) uses Orion processors and other NovaTech Automation products in substation automation systems and in RTU applications. One of their larger substations uses five Orion5rs to connect 33 Protective Relays and 21 other IEDs (annunciators, regulators, equipment monitors and PLCs).

System Highlights:

• Ethernet substation LAN with DNP3.0 protocol connecting Orions.

• Master Orion5r serves as the substation RTU, obtaining nearly all SCADA analog and discrete points from protective relays and other IEDs through the other four Slave Orion5rs.

• Master Orion presents substation data to two SCADA Masters using three different protocols (L&G 8979, Conitel and DNP3.0). –

• Orion5rs send IRIG-B down to attached relays.

• Using Relay Data Logger, Orion automatically retrieves protective relay fault records and stores on a local PC. Records move from Orion to PC via FTP. This PC can be accessed remotely to upload records.

•A NovaView Plus HMI provides graphical visualization of operating conditions.

For more information, please contact Jim Siders, OPPD Account Manager, at 913-451-1880.