Kemira Polymers Installs D/3 Version 14

PUBLISHED ON Jul 07, 2010

Kemira Polymers Manufacturing B.V. in the Netherlands is a global chemicals company focused on serving customers in water-intensive industries. The company’s water quality and quantity management technologies improve customers’ energy, water, and raw material efficiency.

The NovaTech Automation D/3® Version 14 was officially unveiled in May at the 2010 Users Conference in a form that still allowed for end user feedback on feature implementations. Less than a month later, NovaTech Automation and Kemira employees, spread out over two continents, worked together to successfully deploy a new D/3 Version 14.0 system.

Several key factors drove the decision to upgrade:

• Fault-Tolerant Active Batch List (FT-ABL), which can self-correct after, e.g., communications errors create mismatches between D/3 nodes.

• Windows® WinSSD integration

• Enhanced Logging deployable in 21 CFR Part 11 environments that captures alarms and events to a secure database.

• All the latest feature enhancements and system patches.

Kemira is delighted with the benefi­ts they’re already seeing and report WINSSD in particular is, ”a real, significant improvement. It enables us to have all relevant data on one display. Even variables from several units, from several PCM’s, can be de­fined as well as values of tag numbers. The switch to another unit is easily done via the tabs.”