Integrate 100+ IEDs with "Cascading Orions" Feature

PUBLISHED ON Mar 30, 2010

“Cascaded Orions” for the Orion Substation Automation Platform (options #97 for Master and #98 for Slave – visit the OrionLX Model Number Generator) allows creation of configurations for multiple-OrionLX systems without having to define Master and Slave DNP3 transfers between Orions.

In Cascaded Orions, a master configuration is created defining all Master ports on Slave and Master OrionLXs, plus Slave ports to SCADA on the Master OrionLX. This master configuration is loaded to the Master OrionLX, which, in turn sends the slave configuration to the Slave OrionLXs. Data transfers do not need to be specifically configured between Orions. One Master and up to six Slaves can be set up, making integration of 100+ IED OrionLX systems not only possible but straightforward.

Since Orion polling and data processing are distributed, performance remains high even in very large systems, plus Orions can be physically distributed, reducing IED wiring.