Flex Standards For SABL® and FlexBatch Developed

PUBLISHED ON Mar 16, 2009

Reduced Costs Through Increased Consistency

When a NovaTech Automation customer chose D/3® as the control platform in four of their newest processing plants, they decided to consolidate their efforts by adopting a common architecture for their Sequence Databases, SABL® programs, Master Devices, TotalVision®SGOs and certain control loops.  Two of these new plants use FlexBatch™ for recipe control of the batch processes, so the application architecture must support multiple SABL Phase programs running simultaneously within a unit.

The customer is now able to use these structures in each of the new facilities, reducing the cost of application development and providing more robust and predictable controls and user interfaces.

This new Flex application standard developed with NovaTech Automation applications engineers can be used for both FlexBatch and non-FlexBatch systems. The characteristics of NovaTech Automation’s SC/SA standard were carried forward into this new standard, including a unit-based approach to process control, the ability to swap SABL programs in a live process with predictable behavior and results, support for Hold and Continue logic, and a common look and feel to every program.  Application developers from any one of these facilities can step into any of the other facilities and hit the ground running. Entire SABL phase programs were simply copied from one FlexBatch system to the other where they compiled and ran without any modifications.

NovaTech Automation trained the customers’ development teams in the use of the new standard using their process application for examples and training exercises, killing two birds with one stone – training the team and developing the plant application at the same time. NovaTech Automation also helped with unit definition and unit boundary decisions, provided technical guidance and conducted code reviews to ensure adherence to the standard.