D/3 System Optimization Services

PUBLISHED ON Oct 15, 2009

Every D/3 user is familiar with the system’s unmatched reliability and data granularity. In fact, so much is possible with the D/3 that even the most sophisticated user may have untapped value and hidden efficiency yet to be harnessed in their systems.

NovaTech Automation is therefore proud to offer D/3 Optimization Services – a suite of five services designed to increase value, reduce costs, and improve operating efficiencies for our customers. Through strategic implementation of new features and enhancement of existing applications, D/3 customers can increase production rates, reduce staffing requirements, and improve quality levels. D/3 Optimizer services help analyze and benchmark current practices, implement meaningful changes, quantify results, and ensure your process is running at peak performance.

D/3 Optimization Services can be implemented as part of NovaTech Automation’s Facets life cycle maintenance program, giving customers an opportunity to utilize unused Facets hours to find additional value from their control system investment.

Optimization of Application Software

One of the most important components of any control system is the Application.  For over 25 years, NovaTech Automation has successfully developed applications for many of our Fortune 500 customers.  NovaTech Automation has extensive expertise in areas such as:
• Design and implementation
• Standards development
• Documentation and testing
• Commissioning and validation

NovaTech Automation can work to reduce cycle times, improve product quality, provide more meaningful information to operators, create custom reports, enhance interlocking schemes, and improve plant safety.

Optimization of PID Control Loops

Properly tuned loops can have a dramatic effect on product quality, production capacity, energy usage, and equipment longevity. D/3 Loop Optimizer enables staff members to tune PID loops intuitively, accurately, and efficiently.  NovaTech Automation offers on-site engineering services that can work closely with your organization to support any loop tuning needs.

Optimization of Alarms

Excessive alarms can present a significant productivity drain for operators, burden Quality organizations, and cripple the decision making capacity of supervisors and managers.  Dynamic Alarm Management can be employed to change alarm characteristics based on the state of a process unit.  D/3 Alarm Suppression can prevent a flood of alarms from downstream equipment based on upstream failure. Alarm Delays can reduce or eliminate nuisance alarms due to a noisy analog input.  Our engineering staff is prepared to help implement these and other alarm reduction techniques across your enterprise.

Optimization of System Components

NovaTech Automation offers a Reliability Centered System Life Planning (RC-SLP) service.  RC-SLP is a comprehensive maintenance assessment service that provides maintenance and reliability engineers with a thoroughly detailed and prioritized analysis of their control system’s reliability.   This process enables staff members to specifically identify and correct potential points of failure that can abruptly lead to downtime.  This approach allows your staff to shift from a response or time-based stance to a needs-based strategy that is more proactive, effective, and economical.

Optimization of Plant Personne

NovaTech Automation’s training programs are designed to give your plant personnel hands-on training related to your control system, networking, programming, and OSHA needs.  These comprehensive training packages ensure that a customer’s staff is current with the latest technology and capable of operating at peak performance.  Customized curriculums provide for on-going development of engineers, technicians, and operators.  A well trained staff is an investment in your future and enables informed and meaningful decisions as they relate to your business.