D/3 Version 12.3 Released

PUBLISHED ON Aug 23, 2008

D/3® Version 12.3 was released Friday, August 10, 2007. The release contains minor D/3 enhancements and all the maintenance patches that have been generated since the V12.2-3 release. Release notes can be obtained from the customer web site.   Some new features include:

• Query Monitor – The DCM-based Query Monitor task prevents the query queue from exceeding its limit.

• Online Upgrade Enhancements – Easier-to-read screens and improved highlighting of important steps are provided. An automated procedure for DCMs is included.

• 8000 I/O – A new Universal Analog Input module (NT-8132-AI-UN), and a new Pulse Input module (NT-8123-PI-QU). The conversion program from 16000 to 8000 I/O has been improved.

• MDL – Now accepts constants 1 and 0 for DEV inputs, and now accepts 9 digit floating point numbers in FGB blocks.

• Summary Reports – A text file of EPNs can be included or excluded for expanded reporting options.

• TotalVision® – Additional callback functions; support for 4-digit graphic numbers under 1000. VersaTrend” Group call-up is improved. Alarm suppression fields have been added to the VsnD3adFaceplate parameter list