New Customer: Wacker Polymer

PUBLISHED ON Mar 09, 2007

Welcome Wacker Polymer Systems, L.P.

Wacker Polymer Systems (WPS), in Calvert City, Kentucky is the most recent D/3® user and member of the D/3 family. WPS is a joint venture with Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. (APCI), based in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The Calvert City site produces polymer powders for the construction chemicals industry supplying the U.S., Canadian, Mexican and Central American markets.

When WPS decided to segregate their plant operations from the existing Air Products control system they had several options to choose from. The decades of reliable service from the existing APCI – D/3 Process Automation System was a factor in their decision, but NovaTech Automation’s ability to upgrade legacy systems was perhaps more crucial. The original APCI applications were developed more than twenty-two years ago, and only the D/3 is supported by NovaTech Automation’s Platinum Pledge: Leave No D/3 Behind. (or, according to our legal department: “NovaTech Automation will never obsolete a customer’s PAS asset.)

Working in partnership with WPS, NovaTech Automation will supply a new version 12.2-3 D/3 system. The existing APCI applications, will be preserved and migrated to the upgraded system. We are privileged to have Wacker as one of newest members of the NovaTech Automation D/3 user family.