New Communication Cards for Orion5r

PUBLISHED ON Apr 15, 2007

Two new communication modules are available for Orion5r and the DDIO module to support applications where both data and precise time need to be transmitted over serial fiber.

• The Type H card for Orion5r supports data transfer with the DDIO module using a conventional fiber pair, while a separate fiber transmits IRIG-B to the DDIO module.

• The Type J card for the DDIO module connects to Orion5r using the fiber pair and receives IRIG-B on the separate fiber link. On multidrop applications, the IRIG-B signal is sent out from the upstream DDIO module to the next DDIO module over another separate fiber link. The protocol used between Orion and the DDIO module is DNP3.0.

These new cards can be field-retrofitted into existing Orion5rs and DDIO modules, and are now available for order fulfillment. For more information, please contact your local NovaTech Automation Account Manager, or e-mail Eric Schultz or Ray Wright