Cargill NatureWorks Update

PUBLISHED ON Dec 05, 2008

Biodegradable Plastics Application

The Cargill NatureWorks facility, which produces biodegradable plastic derived from corn, will implement the first phase of a D/3® installation in November, with a second phase wrapping up in March. NovaTech Automation’s D/3 DCS and redundant 8000 I/O will be used to replace a Dow MOD 5 system.

Under the engineering leadership of Steve Ziobro and Don Wenrich, this challenging project has proceeded forward in a successful manner. Steve, Don and their respective teams have worked tirelessly with NatureWorks team members over the past several months. Team members from both companies worked over the Thanksgiving holiday to deliver the first phase of the project on schedule.

NovaTech Automation was also recently awarded a contract for the first phase of their Cargill Lactic Acid (CLA) project.