New Business Win: ADM Biodiesel Facility

PUBLISHED ON Jun 06, 2006

NovaTech Automation recently expanded its presence in the renewable fuels market when ADM selected the D/3® System and 8000 Series I/O for the Velva, North Dakota greenfield biodiesel production facility. This award represents ADM’s first implementation of the recently introduced 8000 Series I/O product. The 8000 Series I/O provides NovaTech Automation customers with a completely integrated, native DCS based I/O solution with HART capability and fully redundant Ethernet communications.

The Velva plant represents ADM’s first wholly-owned biodiesel production facility in the United States. The plant will have a 50 million gallon annual production capacity and will be located next to an existing ADM oil seed crushing facility. Canola oil will be used as the primary feedstock to produce a biodiesel fuel that will burn cleaner than traditional petroleum-based diesel fuel, providing an overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

NovaTech Automation is pleased to be an integral part of the ever-growing renewable energy sector and ADM’s first wholly owned biodiesel production facility in the U.S. The benefits of renewable fuels to the environment and energy independence are an important legacy we are proud to help pass to future generations.