Recent Business

PUBLISHED ON Mar 09, 2007

Lion Co-Polymer Baton Rouge, LA

Lion will update their existing D/3® from version 9 to version 12.2 in a two-phase rollout. The first phase, beginning in March, will include advanced process control and migration of graphics from PVN to TotalVision®. The second phase, slated for 2008, will include additional advanced process control, process modeling, and process optimization. A three-year Facets” support agreement will provide an on-site engineer during the development.

Water Treatment Plant Jacksonville, NC

The city of Jacksonville, NC selected NovaTech Automation to provide a more flexible and mobile Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) architecture for their water treatment plants. The complete turnkey SCADA System included engineering, programming, HMI development, assembly, and installation. Orions communicate via radio to sixty-one remote RTUs each polled approximately once a second via Modbus. The project consolidates three separate telemetry systems into a single functional system that can move easily if the SCADA Master station should change locations. Plant Supervisor Ray Holder notes, “one of the biggest improvement of the SCADA system by NovaTech Automation was replacing the old QEI telemetry system we were using to monitor the 40 wastewater pumping station to the new radio control system. We were constantly in scan fail with the old system and now with the new system have very few comm fails. This is essential for preventing overflows in a collection system and have improved the reliability of our wastewater monitoring program tremendously.”