50 Series and 70 Series Families Meet NERC BAL-005-0.1b

PUBLISHED ON Mar 30, 2010

The revised (May 2009) NERC BAL-005-0.1b standard states, “Each Balancing Authority shall at least annually check and calibrate its time error and frequency devices against a common reference. The Balancing Authority shall adhere to the minimum values for measuring devices as listed below:

Device Accuracy
• Digital frequency transducer: 0.001 Hz
• MW, MVAR, and voltage transducer: 0.25 % of full scale
The following Bitronics instruments meet these new accuracy requirements:
• The Bitronics 50 Series Meters, including the M650 Family
• The Bitronics M870 Family (Models M871 or M872) with an A10 module made after 9/25/09 with v3.02 host firmware.

Please contact your local representative if you need to schedule a factory upgrade of existing units.

This standard establishes requirements for Balancing Authority Automatic Generation Control (AGC) necessary to calculate Area Control Error (ACE) and to routinely deploy the Regulating Reserve. The standard also ensures that all facilities and load electrically synchronized to the Interconnection are included within the metered boundary of a Balancing Area so that balancing of resources and demand can be achieved.