AspenTech Agreement Signed

PUBLISHED ON Mar 27, 2008

NovaTech Automation, LLC (Owings Mills, MD) has signed a Solutions Partnership agreement with AspenTech (Burlington, MA) to integrate AspenTech

According to Ray Wright, NovaTech Automation VP Marketing, “Most of our process customers have implemented some form of energy management system to collect and display energy data. However, these systems often do not enable plant personnel to make better energy management decisions in real-time. The NovaTech Automation solution set, ‘Powered by AspenTech’, will enable our customers to observe and predict deviations in energy usage by a process, in a department or throughout a plant. By combining real-time rates and energy contract data, the cost of the deviations can be automatically calculated and displayed. This leads to better economic decisions and assists in making better energy usage forecasts and nominations. These decisions may include whether to generate or buy power, reschedule production to avoid a new peak demand, or when to fire expensive boilers.”

Mark D. Walls, AspenTech’s Director of WW Reseller Operations notes, “NovaTech Automation is recognized as a leader in developing energy solutions for the process industries and we are very excited about this partnership. NovaTech Automation’s decision to utilize AspenTech’s product management and execution suite as a technology platform will provide both NovaTech Automation and its potential clients with a flexible framework to develop to real time solutions.” This strategic relationship also opens the door for NovaTech Automation to incorporate other AspenTech products into cutting edge electric utility applications.