Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) Greenfield Energy/Renewable Fuels Projects

PUBLISHED ON Nov 28, 2006

Four recent NovaTech Automation projects with ADM share an emphasis on the expanding renewable fuels and cogeneration energy markets. Clinton Cogen, Columbus Cogen, Columbus Ethanol and Velva BioDiesel will all use the D/3® to control, monitor and optimize their renewable fuel production and power generation processes.

Four of the sites are new D/3 System installations, coming under an agreement reached with ADM earlier this year. Three of these sites will evaluate the combined features of the D/3 PAS and the new 8000 Series I/O that will be used to train personnel on their pending project requirements at the new facilities.

These recent contract awards reflect a continuing focus at NovaTech Automation to apply state-of-the-art process control expertise to address the challenges of energy cost reduction and renewable fuel technology.