ADM Clinton CoGen

PUBLISHED ON Dec 05, 2008

New Boilers and Generators Provide Energy Independence and Reduce Environmental Impact

The ADM Clinton CoGen project had a successful startup of both boilers, and integration of the generator set is slated to be completed in the near future.

When all is operational, the CoGen facility will produce 180MW of electricity off of 3.6 million pounds per hour of steam. This will allow the ADM Clinton PHA facility to be independent of the electrical grid and drastically reduce its emissions. The three Faber boilers will provide all the steam required for the Clinton corn and PHA plant processes. Excess steam will power two GE steam turbines dynamically balanced to neither waste energy nor overproduce power. The boilers will use a combination of natural gas and coal (from a 60,000-ton storage dome) treated with ammonia and lime injections to reduce NOX and SO2 emissions, respectively.

The project, headed up by NovaTech Automation Sr. Applications Engineer Kevin Morris, uses a complete array of NovaTech Automation products and services. The boiler is controlled with a D/3® PCM and 8000 Series I/O, while an Orion Automation Platform and the Distributed Discrete I/O (DDIO) automate the generation substation. NovaTech Automation also provided applications engineering and systems design services to the project.

NovaTech Automation CEO Volker Oakey notes, “This project is a prime illustration of the synergies inherent in our combined process and utility core competencies. Process facilities looking to increase their energy efficiency and independence can count on NovaTech Automation to provide the best tools and people to achieve their goals.”