Applications for OrionLX Advanced Math and Logic

PUBLISHED ON Apr 06, 2011


File I/O operations now supported in Orion Advanced Math and Logic

New Poll Modification Application
This application changes the interval in which Orion polls an IEDs from what’s configured in the NCD program. This feature will be used in a DA application to reduce the poll rate if the primary power source to a pole-mounted device is lost – preserving the battery.

New Poll Disable Application
In another application, a “Master” Orion configuration – the same for all substations and representing a fully built out superset of what could appear in the substation – will be loaded into all  Orions. A simple one-page spreadsheet listing all IEDs in a fully built sub will be manually modified (checking off IEDs present in a specific sub) and also loaded into Orion. On boot-up, Orion will read the spreadsheet and disable poll of devices absent from that sub, without absent devices reporting “comm fail”. Absent devices will also be either to be placed “online” or “offline” per user preference. Having the same NCD configuration in each sub, and manually modifying the spreadsheet – a one minute affair – will enable this utility to reduce engineering hours and simplify technician training.

Accessing Data from Files for DA Application
The “File I/O” feature in Advanced Math and Logic is proving helpful in making DA more intelligent. Utility feeder load profiles are loaded into Orion and called up in real time to check maximum historical loads prior to switching. This is superior to the previous technique of only looking at pre fault loads.

Advanced Math and Logic can be ordered on any new OrionLX or added to any field OrionLX (option #99). All math and logic functions provided in standard Math and Logic are also provided in Advanced Math and Logic.