New 878 Connector

PUBLISHED ON Apr 18, 2016

These are the new features you have been asking for on the Bitronics 878 High Density I/O and now the new connector can be ordered for use on all P3x I/O modules. There are two versions of the connector for left and right mount: P3XLADAPTER and P3XRADAPTER. These are used as follows on P3x I/O modules:

[table caption=” ” width=”600″ colwidth=”40|40|40″ colalign=”left|left|left|”]
I/O Module,Adapter,Description
“P30A 8-point input (or 4in/4out)”,”P3XRADAPTER”,”Right Adapter”
“P31 16-point input (or 12in/4out)”,”P3XRADAPTER and P3XLADAPTER”,”Both Right and Left Adapter”
“P33 8-point output”,”3XLADAPTER”,”Left Adapter”