IEC 61131-3 Programming Tools For OrionLX

PUBLISHED ON Oct 10, 2011

IEC 61131-3 Ladder Diagram example in OrionLX

What is IEC 61131-3?

IEC 61131-3 is the international standard for programmable logic controller (PLC) programming languages and specifies the syntax, semantics and display for five languages. Multiple language support in IEC 61131-3 enables the control program developer to select the language that is best suited to a particular task. Tasks and languages include:

Graphic Programming Interfaces

  • Ladder Diagrams (LD): traditional PLC “Ladder Logic”
  • Function Block Diagrams (FBD): uses “functions” between input variables and output variables

Text-based Programming Interfaces

Structured Text (ST): a text-based high level language that syntactically resembles Pascal. Complex statements and nested instructions are supported:

  • Iteration loops (REPEAT-UNTIL; WHILE-DO)
  • Conditional execution (IF-THEN-ELSE; CASE)
  • Functions (SQRT(), SIN())
  • Instruction List (IL): an efficient, text-based, low level language that resembles assembly

Flow-Chart based Programming Interface

Sequential Flow Charts (SFC): a language to model complex programs such as DA scenarios with second contingencies, load-checking and multiple alternate sources.

Full Integration with NCD

IEC 61131-3 is now available in the OrionLX along with the other four Math & Logic tools.

Orion IEC 61131-3 is fully integrated in the Orion NCD (NovaTech Automation Communications Director) confi guration software.

All points and records accessed from IEDs by Orion (SCADA data, fault data from SEL® Short Event Summaries, etc.) or points generated internally (diagnostic data, comms data, etc.) are available for use in OrionLX IEC 61131-3 math and logic schemes.

Offl ine Simulation and Secure Online Viewing of Logic Execution

OrionLX IEC 61131-3 includes an o ffline simulator to view logic execution exactly as it will appear when running online in the OrionLX.

Download the Data Sheet here.