D3v15 Futureproof Automation

PUBLISHED ON Mar 22, 2016

D/3® Version 15 (D3v15) includes an array of valuable enhancements to the most adaptable and powerful DCS on the market. D3v15 delivers the highest lifetime value by preserving investments in applications, hardware, and I/O while incorporating the latest advancements.

  • Easier configuration with the graphical MDL Builder™, D3Edit enhancements, Group-Based Privilege Set Maintenance, a greatly expanded High Performance SGO Library, and support for Windows® Server 2012 R2, Windows 10, and Windows 7
  • Safe and efficient operations using D3Express™ Reporting, Simplified ProcessVision™ Displays, integrated OSIsoft PI® System Support, and InstAlarm™ Enhancements
  • Faster troubleshooting with D3Express History

Control magazine observed: “NovaTech Automation’s (DCS) software, D/3 Version 15 (D3v15), adds many capabilities that modernize configuration, improve operator interfaces, and facilitate reporting, but it’s driven by the next generation’s expectations.”

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MDL Builder

MDL Builder Screen Capture (Update 2)

MDL Builder fundamentally changes the way engineers configure the building blocks of the D/3 System. New engineers will find the graphical interface intuitive and easy to learn while experienced engineers retain all the flexibility and power they count on. MDL Builder replaces the MDL text file, supports text imports and exports, and allows multiple engineers to work concurrently on a given PCM. While making system configuration far more efficient, MDL Builder also eases operation and maintenance of the D/3 System.

Key Features

  • Replacement for the MDL text file
  • Charts are drawn automatically without user intervention
  • Multiple engineers can work on the same PCM
  • EPN Lists replace process-specific MDL files
  • Gridview enables targeted mass edits
  • Guides engineers to make the right configuration choices

D3Express Enhancements

D3Express Reports Screen Capture

D3Express has been refreshed and the user interface simplified. A new Reporting tab enables users to run and view reports anywhere, including ProcessVision on OCMs. They can compare CDB values between a DCM and PCM and find EPN references from all application files. An updated D3Express History enables analysts, auditors, and management to rapidly focus on key actionable information. Users can research events quickly and easily via ProcessVision on OCMs or their mobile devices.

D3Edit Updates

D3Edit Workspaces Screen Capture

New D3Edit features allow for more rapid code navigation, less typing, and fewer errors with syntax expansion, completions, and code templates. Also new are dynamic differencing and merging for files, directories, and source trees. D3Edit now provides:

  • Considerable coding flexibility
  • Customization of menus, toolbars, key binding, and mouse operations
  • Slick-C macro support

D3Edit allows workspaces with multiple application files from a single interface and an Application Source Code Management Repository Log Browser with History Differencing. The new features substantially ease SABL program development, increase efficiency, and reduce application project hours.

Expanded SGO Library

The High Performance Smart Graphical Objects (SGO) Library includes a new set of SGOs that will become the “NovaTech Automation standard.” Updated faceplates and symbols match ProcessVision appearance and functionality for defining alarm, auto/manual, interlock, and status indicators. All SGOs are documented in D3Help and in the TotalVision® Editor. In addition, more standard colors and resource variables have been added to TotalVision to ease high- performance graphic migrations. The High Performance SGO Library greatly simplifies display configuration and will measurably improve the TotalVision experience for operators.

Group-Based Privilege Set Maintenance (PSM)

Group-based PSM caters to users who employ a domain with their D/3 System. Individual user records are ranked higher than a group record to which the user belongs.
A user belonging to more than one group for which a group record exists will receive the privilege set of the group with the highest ranking. Users and privilege sets can now be completely managed in Windows.

New ProcessVision Displays

The previous Product Tracking display
is split across three new displays that provide greater clarity and higher performance:

  • Unit Overview
  • Batch Tracking
  • Pending Query

Additionally, ProcessVision gains new History and Reporting tabs.

InstAlarm Enhancements

The appearance and behavior in InstAlarm is now similar to the alarm displays in PVN. This will make it easier for operators as they make the transition to ProcessVision. Blue alarms will also be supported.

Windows Updates

D/3 Version 15 supports Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 10, and Windows 7. If Windows 7 users upgrade to Windows 10 within one year of availability, the Windows upgrade will be at no charge.

OSIsoft PI Integration

In light of OSIsoft’s PI System popularity in the process industries, NovaTech Automation has added full support in D/3 Version 15. ProcessVision and TotalVision are now able to natively access information from the PI System for displays, reports, and trends.