Control Station Announces New Release of Loop Optimizer for NovaTech Automation D/3 DCS

PUBLISHED ON Apr 18, 2016

Manchester, CT – April 18, 2016 – Control Station today announced the latest release of its D/3® Loop Optimizer product – a highly intuitive PID modeling and tuning software solution that integrates seamlessly with the NovaTech Automation D/3 DCS. New capabilities within the D/3 Loop Optimizer include advanced statistics and the ability to accurately model and tune controllers from all major OEMs.

“D/3 Loop Optimizer is well-suited for process manufacturing facilities operating with multiple controllers and those considering a phased control system migration,” shared Bob Rice, Control Station’s Vice President of Engineering. “New capabilities in this latest release allow end-users to optimize control and maximize the return on their automation investments.”

PID controller tuning software has historically required a steady-state condition in order to generate an accurate model of the associated control loop’s dynamics. However, this requirement is eliminated by D/3 Loop Optimizer, which leverages a proprietary capability for accurately modeling noisy, oscillatory process data.

“As the first OEM to integrate this technology, we were quick to recognize the innovation behind Control Station’s tuning technology and the value it could deliver to our DCS customers,” commented Jeff Zola, NovaTech Automation’s Vice President of Process Marketing. “D/3 Loop Optimizer has been an excellent extension of our offering, and aligns well with our goal of capturing a greater share of the DCS migration market.”

The D/3 utilizes off-the-shelf servers and network hardware along with NovaTech Automation’s process controllers and 8000 Series I/O to create a remarkably reliable, scalable, cyber-secure and fully redundant system architecture.  Like the D/3 architecture, D/3 Loop Optimizer includes licensing options that can scale over time to suit a manufacturer’s short- and long-term technology needs.

About Control Station

Control Station empowers process manufacturers to increase production efficiency and throughput. The company’s software-based solutions actively monitor and optimize plant-wide control loop performance.

The company’s products are both highly innovative and award-winning. PlantESP™ is the leading CLPM solution for identifying and isolating issues that negatively affect control loop performance.  Control Station’s portfolio of Loop-Pro™ products is recognized as the process industry’s leading solution for PID controller tuning. It is the only controller tuning software that accurately models oscillatory and noisy process data.

Control Station’s solutions are licensed to leading process manufacturers worldwide and they are available direct from Control Station and through its network of distribution partners. The company is headquartered in the United States.

April 18, 2016 – Control Station Announces New Release of Loop Optimizer for NovaTech Automation D/3 DCS