New Bitronics® Firmware

PUBLISHED ON Dec 19, 2011

70 Series Release Version 3.07

Firmware, Configurator, and Utilities CD were released in early November. Features include:

  • Increased pre- and post-trigger times in the disturbance recorders.
  • Corrected a minor issue detected in v3.05 and v3.06 that made the Con­figurator incompatible with older versions of ­firmware under rare occurrences.
  • Improved BiView functionality with multi-drop RS-485 (BiView v3.020).
  • Improved Retriever software for bringing back record fi­les via Modem (Retriever v1.18).
  • Reduced available recording space when no extra flash is ordered from 4MB to 1MB (Firmware v3.070 and v2.240) to prevent issues related to
    sharing RAM space between firmware and recording.
  • The 64MB flash memory option will be eliminated effective January 1, 2012, leaving the 256MB and 512MB options for recording needs.

50 Series Release Version 3.03

Firmware released in early December. Features include:

  • Modbus and DNP serial address settings are now con­figurable in front panel menu.
  • Provided detection for clipping of the A/D signal.
  • Provided error reporting on front panel display for signal clipping, out-of-calibration, measurement halt for ­firmware load, and protocol con­figuration errors.